Meet Element’s November Member of the Month, Rachael Vikla!

Hi Rachael, tell us about yourself!

How long have you been coming to Element?

I’ve been coming to Element for about a year now. I started coming last October but stopped for a few months and returned this spring with a vengeance!

What initially drew you to joining the Element community?

The first time I came to the gym I came with a friend and was surprised how welcoming everybody was! People were friendly and helped me get the hang of things. Everybody is focused on having a good time and getting in a good workout!

What is your favorite workout to participate in at Element?

I love the cardio boxing classes!

What is one of your go-to workout songs?

Oh man! I love anything that has a good beat that keeps you moving and energized. Can I bring in my own playlist for class?!

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in your life since coming to Element?

Since coming to Element I feel more energized and ready to take things on in life! I’ve struggled with anxiety and going to the boxing classes has definitely helped me keep that in check more. I feel more centered after classes and all my stress from the day just melts away. Punching bags really gets your stress and frustrations out!

Tell us why you love Element.

The environment is so supportive and non-judgmental. Everybody is at different stages and nobody is there to judge you or make you feel like you can’t do it and instead try to encourage you to keep going. The coaches understand that everybody’s at different fitness levels and they meet you where you’re at while still pushing you to improve.

What advice would you share with someone starting out at Element?

Come out and enjoy yourself! It looks scary at first but it really isn’t, and you’ll be so proud of yourself afterwards (at least I always am!). Just take that first step and I promise you won’t regret it. If you have any questions, just ask! Oh, and make sure to bring a water bottle!

Thank you, Rachael, for sharing your experience. We're so happy to have members like you as a part of our community.  Your smiling face is a part of what makes Element a unique and welcoming place to sweat!  We'll see you around the gym. 

P.S. Ask Pam to turn up your playlist next time. 😉