Element's Next Member of the Month Is...

Katie Grove!



You've most likely seen Katie around the gym working hard in those boxing classes!  Here is more about Katie and her experience here at Element!

How long have you been coming to Element?

Since September 2017.

What initially drew you to joining the Element community?

I was volunteering at a fitness facility in Monticello as a volunteer coach for Rock Steady Boxing, which is a class for Parkinson's patients, but didn't know enough about boxing.  Element is close to where I live, so I ended up here in the boxing classes at noon.  Haven't quit yet!  Love it!

What is your favorite workout to participate in at Element?
Boxing class but just added the circuit classes.  Great to have someone push you.


What is one of your go-to workout songs?

"War" by Edwin Starr

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in your life since coming to Element?

I am stronger, happier, and my coordination has improved.  I also play tennis and boxing has definitely helped my game.

Tell us why you love Element.

The facility is clean, open, with everything you need to workout.  The coaches will adapt any exercise for you if you are struggling.  The social component is also great!  As a new resident to the Twin Cities, it is fun to get to know the coaches and members.  Also, love the community aspect.

What advice would you share with someone starting out at Element?

If you have a preconceived notion that boxing is not for you, give it up!  I am 66-years-old and feel great and everyone here accepts everyone else no matter age, gender, race or religion!  


We couldn't agree with you more on those points, Katie!  Great job putting in all that hard work and dedication towards sharpening your boxing skills!  Also, thanks for providing another valued voice to support the diverse community we have here at Element.  #getinit